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Southernmost Fuel Wood offers Kiln Dried Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Pecan in a variety of cuts, Splits along with Grilling Woods in bags and pallets, along with Natural Anthracite Coal for Pizza Ovens and mesquite Charcoal for Barbequing. Our 7 distributors have been approved by the State of Florida to meet the USDA's strict standard for Heat treating their products. Our total of 5 distributors makes us the 


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Southernmost Fuel Wood takes pride in being local with 4 locations in Pompano Beach. Support your local vendors and keep the business in our state. Giving back to our community is what we strive on. We have 5 trucks to keep our customers happy, and to reach out to any new potential customers. Word of mouth is the best compliment, our customer service is top notch!

‣  3", 5", 7" 1/2 & 1/3 Cord, Full Pallets

  • Pizza Wood & Pizza Coal

‣  Mesquite Charcoal

‣   Short Pallets for Homeowners

‣   Bagged Wood

‣   Wood Chips & Wood Chunks

Southernmost Fuel Wood has over 35 years of experience in selling firewood products. All our wood is processed for Commercial & Residential cooking and heating. All of our firewood is kiln dried per DACS SB-65 Certification within or outside the state.

​A high level of knowledge and skill with the best practice of delivering the highest quality firewood products in the significant volumes required to service the ever expanding Commercial trade.

‣   Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Pecan

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